Uncover Your Challenges & Grow as a Leader

Grow Your Business

Acquire New Clients

Produce Top Sales

The Business Growth Mastermind Group harnesses collective-mind power helping you grow, acquire, and produce. Groups are a mixture of industries discussing challenges and successes each other are experiencing. Top Leaders Coaches moderate these sessions providing expert insight and tips that are immediately actionable.

The Mastermind Group Program & Process

Leverage Your Marketing & Results

Solve Your Marketing Challenges

Develop as a leader. Grow your team. Generate quality clients & new sales.

Bronze Level

Bronze Level Mastermind Group consists of...
$ 499
Monthly for 6 mo.
  • Business Assessment
  • Mastermind Virtual Meeting
    (Twice per month)
  • Peer Coaching
  • Monthly Accountability
  • Program Length
    (6 months)

Silver Level

Silver Level Mastermind Group consists of...
$ 999
Monthly for 6 mo.
  • Everything in Bronze Level, plus
  • Mastermind Group / In-Person
    (1 Day per Year)
  • Spot Coaching
  • Monthly Accountability
  • Customized Business Growth Topics

Gold Level

Gold Level Mastermind Group consists of...
$ 1499
Monthly for 6 mo.
  • Everything in Bronze & Silver Levels, plus
  • Mastermind Group / In-Person
    (4 Days per Year, once a quarter)
  • 1-on-1 Professional Coaching
    (1 Zoom session / month)
  • Outside Expert Speakers
  • Monthly Accountability


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“If you find you’re weak in persistence, surround yourself with a mastermind group.”

–Napoleon Hill

Tom Guzzardo

Tom Guzzardo, a published author, speaker and CNN contributor, is an accomplished business consultant and leadership coach with more than 27 years of experience. He uses his honed talents to build businesses and develop leaders who consistently outperform the competition. Tom excels with spirit-led financial advisors and professional service firms by providing customized solutions to those wanting to grow their business to the next level.