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Top Leaders Coach builds and mentors Spirit-led leaders through training and coaching programs growing them and their organizations to the next level.

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The Power of A Group

Become part of the various Mastermind Groups currently meeting and take advantage of a personal board of directors.

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1-on-1 Guidance

Individual coaching with Tom Guzzardo collaborates with you to create customized business strategies tailored specifically to your business, your clients, and you.

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Get high-caliber coaching on your schedule with Top Leaders Coach’s renowned online courses. Go the next level with your business and life.

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Spirit-Led Leaders

Our coaches directly address and help you implement your calling to serve through your business and your life. We know Spirit-led leaders achieve extraordinary results.

Jimmy Hicks
Jimmy Hicks

I wanted to make at least $250,000 in revenue and I got very close to $300,000 which exceeded my revenue target. My target goal was hitting blue-chip counsel with myself and my colleague who also works with Tom. We both hit those goals. It was a good year.

Alan Franks
Alan Franks

I can directly link Tom to $70,000 of increased revenue. You’re always a little skeptical when you’re working with a coach. I’ve had a lot of coaches in my life and they turned out to be a waste of time and money. Tom’s not going to let that happen. It’s an investment in my business.

Kyle Atkins
Kyle Aktins

Since getting our foundation and knowledge put in place from Tom’s coaching, we’ve doubled our results at least once… maybe two times.

Get clarity, now! Schedule a call with Top Leaders Coach.

Tom Guzzardo

Who is Tom?

Tom Guzzardo, founder and CEO of Top Leaders Coach, is a published author, speaker and CNN contributor, an accomplished business consultant and leadership coach with more than 27 years of experience. He uses his honed talents to build businesses and develop leaders who consistently outperform the competition. Tom excels with Spirit-led financial advisors and professional service firms by providing customized solutions to those wanting to grow their business to the next level.

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